Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I will be Speaking at the A4M Meeting in San Jose on September 9-12, 2009

I will be talking about "Simple Cardiometabolic Risk Screening using Bloodspot Technology" at the 17th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies on September 9-12, 2009 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

The growing numbers of people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the United States is a consequence of metabolic disorders largely associated with obesity. As people age, the decline in hormone levels and the decrease in activity levels can combine to increase an individual’s tendency to visceral obesity, which sets up the metabolic conditions that lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes and are referred to as cardiometabolic risk. Blood spot testing for cardiometabolic risk markers can reach a large number of people and help them control their risk by making lifestyle changes. This can significantly improve wellness in the aging population. A simple blood spot test can conveniently and accurately assess cardiometabolic risk, giving people the opportunity and motivation to control their risk with appropriate lifestyle changes. Broader screening in the aging population may be the key to reversing the growing incidence of cardiovascular disease.