Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does our Heart Age?

Unfortunately, the answer is YES; the heart grows older as well as we age. Although several people like me always say “Oh I’m never getting old....I’m young at heart and will stay young forever”...which is good and this is how we should live with a positive attitude. With this type of attitude, we can sure increase our life by minimum of 5 years and may be more too.

Again, it depends upon our mental outlook and how we live, and not just the age. Science agrees with this, but at the same time, we have now come to know so many different facts about our heart health and we should realize that with increasing age, even with a positive attitude and sound mental acuity, our heart undergoes some changes, and it continues to undergo those changes even when there is no disease, even when the person is healthy and has no known risk condition or a disease.

The heart muscles start to weaken and when the heart beats, these heart muscles cannot relax completely between those beats, and when this happens they become stiff; as a result they start to function less efficiently and they don’t do their job of pumping blood very well and finally give up. The loss of good function of these heart muscles gets worse when there is any heart disease. Another thing is that as the heart grows older, it does not respond effectively to adrenaline and this is the reason that older heart cannot contract or cannot pump blood faster or vigorously when there is a need, especially when we exercise or do any physical activity. So, we should not be surprised if we see our capacity to walk briskly or to work out and exercise has decreased as compared to when we were young. We all know and have experienced that all that was so easy to do when we were 16 or 18 or 20, is extremely difficult as we get older. Our heart just doesn’t function that well any more. This is also the reason for changes in our blood pressure, normally high when the heart muscles are too stiff.

The decrease in the capacity of heart to work efficiently differs from person to person. It all depends on how we live our life, what other conditions have we developed? Do we have any other disease? How and what kind of decisions we made in life when it came to eating right or how much we exercised?

We have to realize the importance of healthy life-style changes as early as possible in our lives. It is never too late. All the risk factors basically affect overall quality of life and of course how long we live. Let us not wait till the last minute when our doctor has to tell us that it is too late. Let us take charge of our own health and wellness and do something about it.

Do you agree with me?

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  1. I agree with you in many things, everything it's on the mind have a possitive acttitude, be happy, makes you live more and better, of course do exercise, eat well and don't have bad habits will let you live more too, but many things are in the genes, and sometimes it's just about luck, somethings can't be helped, but life must be enjoy it.