Thursday, October 22, 2009

Testosterone and Men's Health


  1. It is always fun to find a good buy. I am on my second bottle of the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost - which is Tribulus supplements .... I am really amazed at how it has helped me.

    I am finding that I am developing muscle mass much easier than I used to. Without a lot of exercise, it looks like I have actually been working out a lot. I have also found that my back muscles feel a lot better after regular and heavy lifting. I carried a large tv uspstairs, with the help of a friend. I had to grab it down low, over and over again with each step, and I was at the top end so I really had to bend.

    I was sure my back with be very soar for a few days but suprisingly, my back muscles recovered very quickly and I wasnt even soar the next day. I also find myself less nervous talking to people in general. I attribute this to the Tribulus as I am convinced that it has restored my natural levels where they had been lacking. I am a huge fan of the Dr Max Powers products and will continue with this brand.

  2. after all ths hormone is the responsabilty of keep our sexual life activate and fresh, when the production of this hormone fall, all the system must take a time to arrange the body to this change, in the most cases this unchain many health problems.

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